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SNF Workshop May (?) 2015 at Einsiedeln, Switzerland

The Schweizer Nationalfonds (SNF) = Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) generously offers an opportunity to fund international workshops (preferably in Switzerland) where researchers can discuss planned or ongoing projects, for instance, to establish a scientific network for collaborativ research.



My suggestion is to hold such a workshop at the Werner Oechslin Library at Einsiedeln which offers not only a vast amount of rare books from all disciplines regarding the Accademia's work in any respect, but also a fantastic space for open but intense, almost private colloquia or symposia in the very best sense. 


The prospective date for such a workshop should fall between the end of the RSA 2015 annual conference at Berlin, Germany, which many of the interested researchers presumably will attend, and the beginning of the annual Baroque Summer School at the Werner Oechslin Library (at the end of June). My suggestion is the first weekend in May because May 1st is a Friday and therefore a holyday in many countries which could help to give a 3-day-long "free" weekend for those who are working at Universities and therefore bound to the teaching schedules during the semester.

Participants & Funding:

The SNF offers funding for such workshops in the following way:

  • The number of (active) participants should not exceed 30. [A list of suggestions is under preparation. B.K.]
  • 10 of these participants, preferably young(er) scholars could receive full compensation for their travel and hotel expanses (under the limitations of the SNF, i.e. for instance: no 1st class flights, 3 star hotel, travelling by railway as long as it is cheaper and does not extend more than (roughly) 8 hours …).

Application: A draft of the Application is in the making and should be available for discussion here soon.

Application deadline: October 8, 2014 (for any workshop planned to begin 4 months later and before october 2015.)