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This folder should contain information sorted by their date (if available) in chronological order. If possible, the dates should have the form yyyy-mm-dd like in "2014-07-31" to make them sortable automatically.


Instead of creating a software-based timeline as you can find in many websites (and which would require "a little bit more work" from my lazy side…) I would like to collect information that can be dated here in the form of a list like [fake examples]

  • 1538-05-10: meeting at the house of Claudio Tolomei
  • 1543 [summer, without any specific known date]: several activities of the Accademia
  • 1544: publication of Philandrier's "Annotationes"

This could become a valuable help to understand the activities of the Accademia, when they were very active, when there were gaps (and maybe: why) etc. In the long run (and with some more programming skills) this may be turned into a more "fancy" sort of timeline like those mentioned above – if there ever should be a need for something like that.

What do you think? Please, let me know…

Bernd Kulawik