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3.16 Annotated documentation of other sculptural works

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The next logical step after documenting tombstones and statues would be to record all remaining sculptural work — and, accordingly, Tolomei’s description of the next volume explains exactly that:

E perche in Roma sono molte altre scolture in fregi, in tavole, e altre cose spezzate, si farà una opera di ritratti di tutte queste altre cose col medesimo ordine, dichiarando particolarmente a ciascuna la sua historia, e appresso la bontá, o mancamento de l’arte [Tolomei 1547, 83v].

And because there are many other sculpture in friezes or tables and other broken objects, a work will be made depicting all these other things in the same way explaining in particular the history [or depicted story] of each one, and also its artistic quality or lack thereof.

Needless to say, these objects would have been drawn by the same working group of draftsmen who documented the tombstones. Significant portions of the codices Coburgensis and Pighianus seem to contain the material for this volume as well.