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3.17 Annotated documentation of architectural elements

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Segue appresso una altra fatica di ritrar tutte le Modenature antiche, che si trovano come di porte, fregi, architravi, e simil cose, le quali ad ogni Architettore son sommamente necessarie, perche in quelle si conoscon per esempio le misure, e le regole di tutte, come si debbian formare, li quali ordini saranno in questa opera dichiarati appresso di ciascuna Modenatura [Tolomei 1547, 83v].

It follows another work to display all the ancient architectural parts which can be found like doors, friezes, architraves and similar things which are of highest importance for every architect because one can learn the measures and rules of all of these, how they have to be made; these orders or rules of these will be explained in this work beside every piece.

One would think that these architectural elements would have to be recorded together with the buildings in book 13 described above, but in Rome many architectural pieces have been dispersed over time and removed from their original context, But nonetheless they would be worthy of being documented for Tolomei’s project. Accordingly, many drawings of such isolated architectural elements can be found in the large group related to the Berlin Codex Destailleur D mentioned above.