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3.18 Annotated documentation of vases

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Una altra operetta s’aggiugnerà de i vasi antichi, cosi di quelli che chiamavan Labri, come de gli altri, ritraendoli similmente in figura, e dichiarando di che ma- teria sono, qual sia la lor forma, e a che uso servisseno, e dove al presente se ne trovi [Tolomei 1547, 83v].

Another small work will be added about the ancient vases, those which are called Labri as well as the others, showing them in the same way in pictures and explaining of which material they are, which is their form and to which use the served, also where they can be found today.

Several volumes of drawings by Jacopo Strada and his workshop depict hundreds of vases, which have been regarded as collections of pure fantasy, designed by Strada who was trained as a goldsmith, for festivities or potential customers. However, Strada himself claims on the title pages that all of these drawings were made after Roman originals or copied from reliefs and sculptures. This material has also not been studied comprehensively yet. In addtion, there are also prints depicting vases e. g. by the engraver Enea Vico, who may have been in contact with Tolomei’s Accademia.8