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3.5 Annotated Latin vocabulary of Greek terms used by Vitruvius

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The first dictionary just described would have to be complemented by another one explaining the ancient Greek words used by Vitruvius, usually in connection with parts of the classical, that is, Greek, orders of the columns or technical terms connected to and stemming from Greek architecture:

E perche questo autore è pieno di vocaboli Greci, si come ancora de gli ordini, e regole de l’Archtettura greca, però se ne farà uno altro de vocaboli greci, isponendoli poi in parole latine; ove infiniti vocaboli di Vitruvio ch’hor paiono oscuri si faran chiari, distendendosi talora al dichiarar le dirivazioni, e l’etimologie loro.[Tolomei 1547, 82r]

And because this author [i. e. Vitruvius] is full of Greek words, as they are used in the orders and the rules of Greek architecture, another [vocabulary] will be made for the Greek words, explaining them in Latin words, where [= in this vocabulary] an infinite number of words from Vitruvius which appear obscure today will be made clear by explaining their derivation and etymologie.

It is remarkable that this second dictionary would explain not only the meaning of the relevant words but also their etymology, an early attempt to approach ancient (architectural) theory in this philological way. No trace has been found yet of such a book, but it seems impossible to believe that there would not have been something similar in manuscript form available to the members of Tolomei’s circle during their discussions and in preparation for their edition and translation of Vitruvius. This book may even more have looked like Aldo Manuzio’s Orthographiæ ratio mentioned above.