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3.7 Translation of Vitruvius’s Ten Books into better Latin

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Questa cosa ha svegliato il desiderio di tentare, se si potesse por Vituvio in una lingua latina piu chiara, e piu purgata, avvicinandosi quanto è possibile a le parole, al filo, e a la tessitura de gli altri buoni scrittori latini: la qual cosa riuscendo sará bellissima, vedendo Vitruvio d’aspro, e scabbro, diventar piacevole, e piano. [Tolomei 1547, 82r]

This [the strange Latin used by Vitruvius mentioned above] has awakened the desire to try, if possible, to translate Vitruvius into a more clear and purified Latin language, by approximating to the words, the lines and the textual structure of the good Latin authors: This would result in a beautiful thing to see Vitruvius changed from dark and harsh to pleasing and smooth.

It seems quite possible that this philological dream of a translation of Vitruvius into a better Latin [!] did not meet the interests of the other participants in the project and, therefore, never came into being. After all, every modern reader of Vitruvius would have to go back to the original text in questions of doubt or for earnest studies of ancient architecture and its theory.