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Folder to collect open questions, problems etc. – and (hopefully) the answers to them.
Fra Giocondo and Paris
Did the lections Fra Giocondo gave while in Paris on Vitruvius have any influence on the study of Vitruvius by French architects and antiquarians?
Strada and Cervini
Did Jacopo Strada stay in close contact to Marcello Cervini and could his collection of drawings after antique coins (or their preparations) be regarded therefore as a contribution to the Accademia's project?
Sangallo and the Accademia
Because Antonio da Sangallo the Younger is mentioned by Garimberto as taking part in meetings of the Accademia: Could his Foreword to a planned translation of Vitruvius from 1539 be regarded as related to the Accademia?
Barbaro and the Accademia
Could Barbaro's commented editions of Vitruvius in Latin and Italian be seen as an attempt to fulfill this part of the Accademia's project?
Palladio and the Accademia
Was Palladio – while in Rome with Trissino, who had links to the Accademia – somehow related to the Accademia's project, especially to the measuring campaign(s)?
Paciotti and the Accademia
Did Francesco Paciotti have any closer relations to the Accademia besides being recommended by Tolomei in 1551 to the Farnese?