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contract signed by Cardinal Cervini, Antonio Blado and Benedetto Giunta with Maiorano see [Dorez 1892: 289–313] (vgl. [Layton 2012: 41 n. 33]


Arlenius writes from Florence to Agustín in Rome about the departure of Matal to Rome.


Matal's first letter from Rome to Lelio in Florence.


Matal uses cardinal Pietro Bembo manuscripts of Terence and Virgil [Ferrary 1992: 159]. In a letter by Gabriele Faerno from Cremona (1511–1561), written on April 29 of 1558 to Pietro Vettori in Florence, Faerno reports that Agustín and Matal collated Bembo's codex of comedies by Terentius (BL London Add. Ms. 10266, fol. 119) [Ferrary 1992: 160]: «Ne ho ancora una copia cavata da un riscontro che ne fecero insieme monsignore Antonio Augustino et monsignore Metello dottor Borgognone, che annotarono ogni minima minutia». About Faerno cfr. [Cisorio 1925] and [Voet II 1981: 905–908]. About Bembo's Terentius codices. [Prete 1950]. [Heuser 2003: 89, FN 2]


Letter by Tolomei to Adriano Vivenzio mentioning that the house he has to live in does not follow the rules of Vitruvius.


Morillon sends a letter to Granvelle from Leuven giving an overview of ancient literature. [Besançon Bibliothèque Municipale Granvelle Collection Ms. 90 1r-9v]


Vignola presents his designs for the completion of the façade of San Petronio in Bologna to Pope Paul III.


Matal's "Index Bibliothecae publicae Graecae Vaticanae confectus a Metello, Calendis Septembris 1545" = BAV Vat. lat. 7132 [Branca 1974: 238], [Devreesse 1965: 360–379], [Ferrary 1992: 33–36, 251–257], [Cooper 1993: 96]