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Date of Girolamo Ruscelli's dedication letter to the Polish King Sigismund for Sebastiano Erizzo's Discorso … sopra le Medaglie antiche (Venice: Valgrisiana, 1559)


letter by Jacopo Strada in Vienna to Hans Jakob Fugger in Munich about an "opera de' pili in dissegno", a book of drawings after tombstone and/or sarcophagi reliefs which maybe identical with the Codex Coburgensis. The work Strada is mentioning was owned by Granvelle but was now in the hands of Fugger, but there was a commentary by Morillon to this work that Fugger should ask Granvell to have it copied. (Munich, BSB, Clm 9216, 3r)

[Bauer 2020: 89] 1 of 3 Letters by Gualteruzzi to Panvinio about papal elections: "Panvinio also approached Antonio Agustín about this matter, who advised him where to look. In particular, Angelo Massarelli, bishop of Telese, was said to have the most material.[FN 2: … See also … Gualteruzzi’s three letters written between 7 April and 19 June 1559, ibid., fos 227r–229r.]"