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Gero Rudolf Dolezalek (von dessen Webseite)

Scr. Antonio Agustín.

158 fols. chart. 290 (220/225) x 200 (110/140) mm. Saec. XVI.

fol. 1r-158r (recte 1r-41r, 92r-98v, 75r-86v, 99r-126v, 128r, 127r, 128v-136v, 158r, 137r- 145r, 41r-74v, 87r-91v, 145v-157v) Antonius Augustinus, De legibus et senatusconsultis
(Epistola dedicatoria) (Rubrica) Antonii Augustini iurisconsulti Hispani de legibus et senatusconsultis liber ad Ieronymum fratrem. (Textus) Non sum nescius Hieronyme frater cum hic liber ad tuas manus peruenerit ... (fol. 3r) (Rubrica textus) Antonii Augustini archiepiscopi Tarraconensis de legibus et senatusconsultis. (Textus) Legis nomen late patet ... (Finis) Philippicarum libri multa nobis exempla demonstrant.

Cat. Kristeller, Iter II 339. Ed. Agustín, Opera VII 188-89 (Epistola dedicatoria), I 7- 138. Bibl. G. Mayáns y Síscar, 'Antonii Augustini vitae historia', in Agustín, Opera II xi- cxxi at lxxxviii-xc.

The work is preceded by the letter of dedication to Antonio Agustín's eldest brother, Jerónimo, of which the autograph is at the Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid, MS 5754 fol. 51v-53v. The text of the work is an autograph from fol. 27r to 157v. Another hand has written fol. 3r-26r and 158r, but in these folios there are quite a few corrections and marginalia from A. Agustín. On fol. 3r a different hand has written on the upper left corner 'Antonii Augustini archiepiscopi Tarraconensis'. This text differs from the edited one in that the Praetermissa added by Fulvio Orsini in the first edition (Roma 1583, pp. 321-23) and included without indication in the Opera omnia are missing here. Most of the titles and subtitles of the first and second parts of the edited text are also missing. The De legibus xii tabularum and the De senatusconsultis liber are practically identical to the edited text. There are three former numerations: one for the epistola dedicatoria; another for the Disputatio de legibus; and a third one for the remainder of the volume. The most recent numeration for the whole MS, written in pencil is followed here. The ink has bled through the page on many folios. Catchwords are at the lower right of the verso of each folio. There is no decoration. The MS was taken apart to reinforce the pages with transparent paper, so neither the watermarks of the paper nor the original quire structure can be determined. The MS is bound in parchment. Fol. 26v, 127v, and 158v are blank.