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Alciato, Andrea

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Persons known by name

Alciato, Andrea

Andrea Alciato

  • His name is mostly transcribed as "Alciati", but "Alciato" seems to be the form he mostly used himself and also was used by his contemporaries and disciples.
  • Alciato never was a member of the Accademia, but he is related to many of its participants that it seems useful to include him here.
  • Alciato is famous as the 'inventor' of the 'historical-critical' method in the history (primarily, the history of law) and influenced, among others, his students Antonio Agostín, Jean Matal, Johann Jakob Fugger, Antoine Perrenot de Granvelle and other (later) bishops and cardinals
  • Since his youth, Alciato was a friend of Paolo Giovio to whom he wrote one of his last letters before his death in 1550 and who owned a portrait of Alciato in his museo.
  • Alciato was teaching law at 
    • Avignon: 1518-1522 und 1527-1529
    • Bourges 1529-1533
    • Pavia 1533-1537, 1541-1543, 1546-1550
    • Bologna 1537-1541
      • in Bologna Alciato made friends with Giorgio Vasari (s. DBI) and Antonio Agustín
    • Ferrara 1543-1546
  • Alciato is most famous for his Emblemata, a collection of symbolic and/or emblematic images accompanied by texts. It was published in an extended edition 1546 by Aldo Manutio the Younger at Venice.
  • A remarkable result of his connection to Agustín and Matal is, that the ladder did not include Latin inscriptions from Milan and its surrounding area in his sylloge (now in the Vatican), presumably a sylloge by Alciati for this area already existed.
  • In 1546, Alciato was made a "protonotario apostolico" and called to Rome for consultations regarding the concilio (= Tridentinum?)
  • At Pavia, Alciato became a friend of Girolamo Cardano (engineer, physicist, philosopher etc.)
  • This sylloge may be identified with the so-called "Alciato Mediolanensis", now in Dresden (SLUB Mscr.Dresd.F.82.b) : Its handwritten title reads: "MONVMENTORVM, VETERVMQ | INSCRIPTIONVM QVÆ CV[M] | MEDIOL TVM IN EIVS AGRO | ADHVC EXTANT COLLECTANEA | A. Alciato | auctore." and is dated at the end of the preface to "Mediolani pub sal anno M D VIII"
  • Eintrag im Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani