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Murét, Marc Antoine [Muretus]

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Persons known by name

Murét, Marc Antoine [Muretus]

Murét, Marc-Antoine

  • 1526-04-12 (Muret, near Limoges) – 1585-06-04 (Rome)
  • French humanist, not a member of the Accademia, but in close relation to several of its members after 1555
  • published several editions of Latin authors
  • his mentor was Julius Caesar Scaliger and Justus Lipsius
  • was in contact with Joachim Du Bellay, the brother of Jean Du Bellay
  • went to Italy, first Venice, where he met and collaborated with Paolo ManuzioPietro Bembo, Pier Vettori
  • was employed by cardinal Ippolito II d'Este in Ferrara
  • became professor at the Universtà della Sapienza in Rome
  • was supported (and held from leaving Rome for Poland) by Pope Gregory XIII
  • biography in the Italian Wikipedia