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Pighius, Stephanus Winandus

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Persons known by name

Pighius, Stephanus Winandus

Stephanus Pighius

  • 1520–1604
  • knew Morillon from his student years at Leuwen
  • Secretary of Marcello Cervini for whom he seems to have collected and/or had made the Codex Coburgensis
  • dedicated his "Inscriptionum antiquarum farrago" 1554 to Cervini
  • made his own extended copy of the Codex Coburgensis, the Codex Pighianus (now in the Berlin Staatsbibliothek)
  • after Cervini's death secretary to cardinal Antoine Perrenot de Granvelle
  • stood still in contact with Jean Matal, who had left Rome earlier and lived in Cologne
  • his Themis Dea gives a report of the discussions among Matal, Agostín and others regarding a herme in the sculpture garden of Rodolfo Pio da Carpi
  • [Cooper 1993: 101, 108]: BAV Rom, Vat. lat. 6037, fol. 59r